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What is hosting? commonly, people will see hosting is a place for your design files to be put, so the larger files you have, you will need more hosting space. And in terms of bandwith, in simple way we can say it’s just like a road, where a road can have a traffic if it’s heavy. So does your website. More traffic on your site can cause your site hard to access and even down. Thus, you’ll need more bandwith as well.

In Siteground Hosting, at least it gives you 10GB space with 10,000 visits monthly which is more than enough for starter & medium site.


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We have used & tried so many local provider for hosting both IIX & US and even the latest cloud technology based. The results either: slow, down, hard to access, some  malfunctions, hacked, flooded, not backed up, server burned without backed up, lousy supports & frustrating. These bad hosting indirectly creates bad experience between us & our client as well.

While international provider tends to have similarity in terms of their better stable performance especially for standard WordPress site. But the major difference with Siteground Hosting what we really love most is their support. Both live chat & support tickets are very friendly & helpful. They have their own dedicated support that stand by to support their customers 24/7. We recommend you strongly to use Siteground Hosting


Happy Plan

In Indonesia with 10GB space you will need to pay flat at IDR 1.1mil per year while Siteground Hosting price at $119.4 per year (regular season) or $47.4 per year (promotion season).

Let say we compare it on regular base, with all the features, robust, stable, strong, reliable performance of the hosting, we would love to pay just a little bit more for Siteground Hosting.

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